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An Experiment In Elections


On this 230th birthday of the United States Of America I am announcing my write-in candidacy for the position of Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor in the September 12, 2006 election as an experiment to see how many votes can be obtained: Without asking for or using funds from my fellow citizens OR, any various special interest groups ; On the basis of my life history and positions on matters of public interest; And, by using only Internet, word-of-mouth and other like, non-costly, forms of communication.

Therefore, if you vote in the September 12, 2006 Republican primary, I ask you to write in my name and date-of-birth as given here:

As a Republican I believe that Ms. Jean Hundermark (The �official� Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor) will be a most excellent incumbent in the office. Yet, I think this experiment will be worth the while AND to the benefit of the People..

Even if you choose to vote in another Party's primary OR disagree with my positions, I ask you to join (Out of a sense of fairness and ADVENTURE) in this experiment by forwarding this note (CUT AND PASTE IF YOU CAN) to as many Wisconsin voters as you can. Even if you live outside of Wisconsin, please forward this to as many Wisconsin residents as you know with the challenge to do the above and route this to as many other like voters as they can, and so on, and so on....

Also, please mention this experimental adventure to your friends who do not receive
e-mail. THANK YOU!


BORN: September 1, 1938 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
RESIDENCE: Life time resident of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.
FAMILY: Married (Once and still) for the last 38-years; Two (Step) daughters
and one son; Four grandchildren AND one "on the way" !
MILITARY: United States Navy; Active duty from 1956 into 1959; Honorable
Discharge; Highest grade (E-4) Fire Control Technician, Third Class.
EDUCATION: West Allis public schools, Graduated, 1956, West Allis Central
High School; BS (Psychology), UW-Milwaukee, June, 1964;
Some graduate Social Work credits at the same University;
Military training in electronics and gun fire control systems;
Milwaukee Area Technical College classes in Electrical systems,
Police Science and (Current) Jewelry Construction; Many hours of
professional in-service training within Wisconsin's Department of

EMPLOYMENT: Wisconsin Department of Corrections; Full time from 7-1-64 to
9-1-98 as Probation & Parole Agent, Social Worker, Social
Service Specialist and Social Services Supervisor; One year, half
time, thereafter as a �Limited Term Employee Social Worker�; And, prior employment as a Hospital Attendant, warehouse worker and cafeteria server and dishwasher.

HOBBIES: Reading; Making jewelry; Working out at a gym; Walking; Talking about what interests me and listening to people who know �things�
I do not know or understand; Writing e-mail letters to editors,
politicians, friends and �not-friends�.


The person holding the position of Lieutenant Governor has very little power over the actions of State Government for lack of the veto and budget planning powers held by the Governor and, except in very unusual cases, any vote in the Legislature. However, I think it fitting and proper to let you know my positions on some matters of general and public interest as given below.

BUDGET: If the members of the Legislature and other public officials can not
execute their duties to present to-and-for the People a balanced
budget, then there should be some provision in law to facilitate
that action. Rather than TABOR, or anything like it, I favor the
following plan: If a balanced budget is not passed into law by
some certain date (eg 90-days after the start of each biannual
session, then the pay of the legislators, the Governor and the
Secretary of the Department of Administration would be reduced
by 50%; And, if that is not done within another 90-days, that
reduction would be another 25%. This would apply to both the
General Fund and ALL other funds and would not allow further
borrowing to produce such a balanced budget.

VOUCHERS: ALL State aid for students or pupils, at the high school or lower
levels, should be directly connected to each such child/youth by
vouchers filtered through their parents/guardians (Thus insulating
the State from any church-state conflicts), to be applied to the
school of those adults' choice---If the payee school is accredited by
the Wisconsin Department of Education OR some other and
recognized accreditation organization (eg Northwestern) OR
has completed-in-full an accreditation application for such

This is, after all, the real basis for the �Irish Economic Miracle
Model� so touted by UW Administrators, industrial leaders and
the editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Consideration for truly new schools and home schoolers would
be implemented after the initial program is in place.

U-WISCONSIN: The University of Wisconsin non-system has decayed into a
disorganization run for the benefit of its senior administrators and
` professors with the People and Legislature removed from effective
control of its income-sources, expenditures and programs. I suggest
that we elect the President of the University (As we elect a State
Superintendent of Schools) and its Regents (As we elect School
Board members---Perhaps two for each Congressional District).
Some sort of truly reforming action is needed to return the
UW to its basic purpose: The education of our youth.

TECH SCHOOLS: I think it past the time to really evaluate our State's Technical
Colleges to see if they are meeting the needs of their students and
the People OR if they have fallen into the same disease as the UW
non-system. Of special interest will be to see if the administrators and (Full time) teachers at those schools are being paid at, below or above those persons, with like qualifications, in public high schools or in the private (Not university) sectors. ALSO, I call for the direct election, by the People, of technical college board members.

CCW LAWS: At this time Wisconsin is only one of twp States in the USA
which does not trust its law abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons after meeting the standards of each such State. The People of our State have already voted to approve a Constitutional Amendment as to the right to keep and bear arms and, by repeated majority and democratic votes of the Legislature, approved CCW for Wisconsin. Only the veto of Governor Doyle has prevented the will of the People from being enacted in full. Those States which have adopted CCW have either had no increases in crime or noted some reduction in crime rates. At least one such State is eliminating some of the public places where
concealed weapons were not previously allowed. I support the expressed will of the People in this matter.

IMMIGRATION: As the son of an immigrant, who came here in accordance with
the laws then in effect and as an amateur student of history, I understand that this nation was built on the sweat of like, lawful, immigrants.

I am totally opposed to granting illegal immigrants any rights or
privileges due to citizens and legal immigrants who are fully under the jurisdiction of the USA as illegal immigrants or visa violators are not..
I would work towards having Wisconsin's Department of
Corrections and County Sheriffs exactly determine which persons under their control are �illegals� (Doubly in violation of our laws) and take such measures to assure their deportation asap or secure, Federal, detention until they are deported.

RELIGION: I, very strongly, support the �free exercise of religion� and free
speech, as protected by our Constitution, in all public places. I
maintain that Atheism and �Secular Humanism� are religions,
based on the premise that there is no God or gods AND, therefore,
they are not entitled to any more-or-less protection than any other religions. Secular Humanists and Atheists are NOT entitled to monopolize our schools and other public places.

MARRIAGE: As you can probably tell from the above statements, I am very
much in favor of democratic resolutions of issues. As to the
proposed, Wisconsin, �Marriage Amendment�, I maintain �LET

VOTE FRAUD: It is very apparent the the overly localized �system� of registering
voters and poll control requires much thought and will likely
need attention to insure that our most precious votes are not
diluted by fraud.
I suggest interconnected voting registration systems for all
counties and all voting places to insure real-time checks on any
questionable or challenged voters. This would include connections
with criminal justice computer systems.
I suggest punitive actions be taken against registrars or deputies
or poll workers who are careless or who condone fraud.
I would work towards having Wisconsin's Department of
Corrections insure that �revocation� actions are initiated against
all felons under its control who vote in our elections.

DANE COUNTY: The people of Dane County elect the Circuit Court Judges
there. Those judges preside over the Courts which have
original jurisdiction as to most cases involving State agencies and,
as the Legislature sits in Madison, over criminal cases where
members of the Legislature are alleged to have misused their
positions. This situation gives the citizens of Dane County an
power which is greater and unequal than that given to the citizens
of other counties.

Therefore, I support changing our laws to: Give every citizen,
having a court case involving a State agency, the option of having
that case tried in his/her home county; And, providing for the trial
of Members of the Legislature, accused of official wrong doing, to
be tried in her/his home county by those fellow citizens who were
responsible for electing that Member.

CONTRIBUTIONS: I will NOT accept any political contributions for myself. If you
wish to do yourself and the People of Wisconsin (And the USA)
some real good, contribute to the Mark Green For Governor fund
by going to and clicking on
�CONTRIBUTE�; Then completing that section. If you do not wish to use a credit card, send your check to:
Green For Governor
PO Box 22366
Green Bay, WI 54305

OTHER ISSUES: My positions on other issues may be added in response to your
questions (Please see below) or upon my own reflections!


If you have any serious questions or comments for me, please send them by e-mail to the address noted below; BUT, please be sure to use the subject heading: Questions For Candidate.

cc State Of Wisconsin Elections Board


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