Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vigilantes, Crusaders & Other "Good Guys"

“Vigilantes” are those who are forced to band together to enforce the basic order and laws when the civil or military authorities are unable or unwilling to do so.

In this nation's “Old West” there were times when the farmers, ranchers, merchants, miners and others saw the lack of basic order-and-law as clear-and-present dangers to their physical safety, that of their families and to what they had earned by the sweat of their brows AND saw NO government willing or able to control such dangers. They did not lightly give up income producing time and effort to exercise the missing role and duties of government.

The crusaders did not form up for hundreds of years after the Muslim takeover of the Holy Land. They did so, as a special sub-set of “vigilantes”, only when Islam clearly demonstrated itself as the enemy of those who wished to peacefully worship, according to the dictates of their Christian beliefs, in that land. Although they failed there and did make errors of judgment as to the Eastern Churches, they did clear out Islamic tyranny from Spain, Sicily, the Balkans and Greece and stopped its military aggression along the borders of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, at the gates of Vienna and at the Battle of Lepento. So, the next time someone (Probably a Muslim) uses “crusader” as a derogatory term, confront and correct him on the basis of historical facts and truth.

The “Minutemen” now on watch along parts of our border with Mexico are a very law abiding and peaceful sub-class of the “vigilante” movement. They are there only because the US Government is unwilling (NOT unwilling) to execute its duty to protect this nation from foreign invaders. So, the next time anyone (Including the President of the USA) uses “vigilante” as a derogatory term, to describe those “Minutemen”, confront and correct all such persons with the facts of history and the government's unwillingness to do its duty.

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