Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Detroit" Is Brain Dead

Below you will find a variation from my usual themes as to Islam and Secular Humanism: Unless you wish to consider the proposals made in terms of making the USA less dependent on Arab-Muslim and Chavez-Secular oil money.

“Detroit” is the word-symbol of the corporations of and, much more importantly, the People who manage and work in the automobile industry of the USA.

“Detroit” is brain dead! They have lost the race for innovation, cost effectiveness and quality control to Japan, Korea, Germany and every other auto-producing nation except Serbia (Remember the Yugo?) and France (Who buys a solely French made auto deserves all the trouble and pain also purchased). That brain death has also yielded the death of many, good paying, jobs in this once industry-leading nation.

Since I am NOT one to complain about a problem, I offer up the follow and interrelated solutions.

First, use all citizen, labor union, stock holder organizations and “Detroit” lobbying resources to insist that the Congress and the President liquidate the incestuous relationship between “Detroit” and “Big Oil” by the following steps:
1.Make interlocking boards of directors and vast stock holder “arrangements”
between those two industries very illegal with mandatory prison sentences
and vast fines for violations of such a law;
2.Require that all automobiles and light trucks using internal combustion engines (Including “hybrids”) manufactured in or imported into the USA after
January 1, 2009 be powered by such engines as will ONLY use alcohol as
a fuel. (I am sure that the “Big Oil” company gas stations would, very quickly,
become and morph into “Gas & Alcohol Stations”);
3.Require that all fuel-alcohol be “doped” with materials that will make
its flames visible when burning in the open (Pure alcohol has a colorless fame, this being the technique used in “Indy” cars as a safety measure) and not usable as a beverage; And,
4.Tax such alcohol fuel at far less that petro-fuels.

Next, the above item #2 would hopefully be a “wake up call” for the managers and engineers of “Detroit” to take a great-leap-forward to regain the USA's prior place as a leader, not follower, in their industry and our economy. Some of the characteristics of an innovative and new-wave American auto would be:
1.A two-to-four cylinder and small, only alcohol burning, internal combustion engine would operate the auto and charge batteries when a more efficient method
(Please see below) is not available;
2.The use of the most efficient and power-dense batteries (eg “nano-tube” batteries; Look them up on your search engine) which would NOT include
the use of lead-acid batteries;
3.The ability to charge up such batteries by plugging in the auto to the much
more efficiently produced household current by use of external/internal
AC to DC converters/rectifiers;
4.For protection of batteries and for comfort purposes (In the very cold climates
of parts of the USA) such heaters (Perhaps only in use when the auto is plugged-in to external current) as would keep the batteries and passenger compartment at about 40-degrees F (“Normal heating could operate by means of the small engine OR by means of the type of supplemental heater used in the old Volkswagen buses OR by flameless or catalytic heaters;
5.The same, only when plugged-in, application of fans to maintain battery and
passenger compartment temperatures no greater that the outside temperature, which is important in our often very hot climate; And,
6.The same, very effective, flow-through flow of air (With an overhead intake and rear facing and venting back-seat weapons as in the old VW bus; I had one and it did work very, very, well) in lieu of the power demanding air conditioners now in use.

There are, no doubt, other ideas which any, non-brain-dead engineer supported by any
non-brain-dead manager could develop as to make this innovative car (Or, light truck) even better.

The real question is: “Does the Congress and 'Detroit' have the intelligence and will to do the above?”. [If not, please pass me a dictionary and grammar for Japanese or
Korean or Thai!]

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