Monday, June 19, 2017

Redistricting In Wisconsin

1. "Partisan = Democracy" as is the means of declaring our fellow citizens (Not some elitists') differing views on what should be the laws of our State and our Republic;
2. That choice is represented by the constitutional/democratic choices of the People in the only polls that matter AND not by two/three appointed and also anti-democracy Federal judges;
3. In Wisconsin the turning over of authority-and-responsibility for redistricting to the GOP is a result of both the popular vote, our Constitution and law and the nation-wide movement towards like transfers-of-power in an ever increasing number of States;
4. Any rational and pro-democracy citizen should compare the map of the original "Gerrymandering" Vs. Wisconsin's last, legal and democratically established, map and see that there is no valid comparison---Especially when considering our laws regarding such districtsAnd, 
5. Although the lawful maps may give the GOP some small advantages, any map which would be inflicted by appointed judges  would be both unconstitutional and against the will of a majority of our citizens (As is the very apparent goal of Democrats and their Fascist co-actors)

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