Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dangerous Duty Before Public Employment

Of late there have been many who have objected-to or raged-at Mr. Donald Trump's (Who I did not support before his nomination by my fellow Republicans) selection of a number of retired generals for key-and-core members of his Administration.

Do those creatures also object to the historic involvement-in-government of such as: General George Washington; (Militia) Captain Abraham Lincoln; General Dwight D. Eisenhower; "Chief Artillery Officer" Henry Knox; Captain Harry S. Truman; And, the many other like persons who have served in government after putting their "lives on the line" in protecting all citizens from the enemies of the USA?

[In fact, I have recommended that retired Lt.Col. (And, ex-Congressman) Alan West be appointed as "Secretary Of The Army".]

As an honorably discharged veteran, who has been a "Public Servant", I am mightily insulted by the cited slanderers.

However, there are parallel and dangerous positions that can also and clearly demonstrated a potential public official's full commitment to the "Common Good". These include, but are not limited to, the following examples: As a
 police/peace officer (Especially in this time of targeted assassinations against them); Being a full-time or volunteer fire-fighter;Performing at-risk duty in the United States Coast Guard; Executing voluntary public-service work AND residence in high-risk foreign nations or such USA locations as the South Side of Chicago; Being a married women who voluntarily engender children---And, then properly raise, educate and guide them to true adulthood; And, other like sacrificial work.

Beyond the last item, it appears that all of the cited "work" is now available to the USA's adult females.

Such services seem to be largely missing from among: Members of the Congress; The faculty of universities and colleges; And, on the staffs of "The Media"!

Members of the Clergy have and can serve in such dangerous roles.

I must wonder how much of the noted objections and rage come out of a sense if shame over not performing such positive duties.

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