Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rational Selection Of Immigrants From Middle East

Those refugees fleeing Islamist terrorists in the Middle East, should be selected for immigration on a rational basis---That is, the risk they now face and would face upon any, if any, future return to their ancestral homes (Some in 2000-year-old communities). The following are the proper priorities:
1. Jews as Islam demands that they be killed (As there are few, if any, Jews left in such lands, we must go to the next group)
2. Pagans (ie Who are NOT "people of the Book") who, under Islamic law must instantly convert to that ideology or die (Again, there are few if any, such in Muslim ruled lands);
3. Christians who have few, if any, rights under Islam (Obama's Administration appears to favor Muslims over others as to granting special immigration status);
4. Kurds  who are Muslim---But are direct targets of both ISIS and imperialist Turkey; And,
5. If, and only if, the receiving nation has "economic room" for them, any Muslim who will formally and publicly (On "oath/affirmation") denounce and reject those teachings in the Koran and Hadith which command perpetual war against "unbelievers" and the attendant murder, rape and other forms of woman/child abuse, genocide, torture and unequal rights-under-law to all women/non-Muslims AND will, likewise, state that the laws of receiving nations are superior toSharia.

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