Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Executive Orders & New President

Immediately upon being sworn in, the new, GOP, President should sign a previously prepared “Executive Order” suspending all such Orders inflicted on the People during the prior eight years.
After that and asap the following “Executive Orders” should be totally vacated and that in the following order:
1.               Those which violate the letter of the Constitution OR the documented intent of the Authors of that, most basic law and of The Bill Of Rights (And, later amendments);
2.               Those which deal with subjects properly under the authority of The Congress;
3.               Those which are opposed to the security and common good of the People; And,
4.               Perhaps, those opposed to the official “Platform” of the GOP as expressed before the prior national election.
Remaining, if any, “Executive Orders” may be modified-and-reissued if they serve a public interest OR be properly assigned “to the dustbin of history”.
GOP candidates for election to the Presidency should now be asked to very publicly proclaim their commitment to the above actions

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