Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marriage: The Constitution & The Courts

There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States as addresses marriage. For most of our Republic's history the regulation of that civilization-sustaining institution (Of one man and one woman) was left to the States in obedience to the Tenth Amendment to that base of our government, that being a part of The Of Rights.

Those who claim that the Fourteenth Amendment allows the courts to bypass the democratic votes of the People and require that the States recognize and government enforce (By punishments) "Homosexual Marriage" forget that the intent of the authors of that provision was only to provide the then recently freed Black slaves with a certain minimum of political rights----And NOT to give judges the power to "make law from the bench" and amend the Constitution without going through that Constitution's, internal-and-democratic, means of change.

The same provisions apply to the States deciding who is a qualified voters and, if the People of the States so chose by democratic  voting, what proofs  of such qualification they may require.

Such persons also fail to admit that religion parts of the First Amendment were only to prevent the Federal Government from establishing a single "official church" [Some of the States maintained official churches, without constitutional challenge, into the
1830s---As is the current Administration's present-and-unconstitutional support of the "Religion-Of-Atheism" (And Islam) against Christians, Jews and others].

Of course, that is not unexpected as those same persons (Especially Federal judges) will not admit that the "shall not be infringed" clause of the Second Amendment is the most severely worded-and-intended limit on Federal government (And, now, lesser governments.)---And do everything to, most undemocratically, deny the enforcement of that provision as was supported by the patriotic Founders of our Republic.

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