Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It appears that too many judges (Especially those in SCOTUS) are like editorial writers, they do not seem bound by facts in inflicting their opinions on others.

As to guns and SCOTUS (And, other courts-of-appeal) I cannot but wonder if:
  1. The facts of the views of the Founders as to arms-and-citizens have ever been
    directly addressed to them in cases as pertain to the Second Amendment;
  2. If the meaning, to those patriots, of the term “shall not be infringed” has likewise been put before them in such cases;
  3. The recent historical evidence that those who won our nation's freedom did use “blunderbusses” (ie The short barreled shotguns of that era), making such military weapons as should be available to the common, law abiding, citizen; And,
  4. In more recent years, has some presentation been made of the scientific evidence  that an armed citizenry is both useful in suppressing crime and in reducing injuries or great-bodily-harm to them by criminal attacks?

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