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"Illegals", Constitution, The Law, Secure Borders

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

What Immigrant Rights?

Today the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" published a report on the "Immigrant Rights Parade" . But, What are those rights? Who is entitled to them? Many rely on the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution or related statutes or court cases to define those rights.

The intent of the writers of that Amendment was to force the rebelling, Southern, States to accept as citizens those Black slaves held by Whites, Native Americans and other Blacks. Many rights (But NOT all, such as voting) were extended to legal immigrants and legal visitors to the USA.

Although I am not an attorney, I put to you that the requirement of being "...subject to the jurisdiction.." of the USA and the several States excludes illegal immigrants who have avoided that jurisdiction by their unlawful entry into the USA. I put to you that such "illegals" have NO rights under the Constitution including, but not limited to: Voting in our elections; Possessing firearms; Judicial or other "due process" hearings, beyond that needed to determine their immigration status, before forced deportation; Habeas Corpus; Conditions of confinement pending deportation; Granting of citizenship to their children born in the USA; ETC..

Perhaps, we should now emphasize "duties" as much as "rights" and insist that "illegals" perform the duty of returning to their homelands and only then and only legally re-enter the USA.

Of course, enforcement of such a concept would require Federal Judges who hold faith to the letter and intent of the Constitution and its Amendment.

AND, PERHAPS, MOST IMPORTANTLY: President Thomas Jefferson's note on the interpretation of the Constitution: "On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to to the probable one in which it was passed.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Children Of Illegal Immigrants

If Ivan Boris Doe and Juan Batista Roe embezzle money from their employers, fail to pay lawful taxes, rob banks and on-the-street citizens and put all of their illegal gains in a trust fund for their children, are those children entitled to those funds? I think not.

If Ivan Boris Doe and Juan Batista Roe illegally come to the USA and engender children here, are those children entitled to the benefits of US citizenship? That is a debatable legal issue!

Section-1 of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution gives the rights of citizenship only to those persons under the jurisdiction of this nation. Illegal immigrants have, by their unlawful entry into the USA, avoided that jurisdiction. Therefore, they have no more rights to give the highly valued fact of citizenship to their children born here than would the above noted Ivan Doe or Juan Roe have to pass on their ill gotten gains to their children.

This concept has not been tested in the Courts; But, it should be. After all, the 14th Amendment was designed to deal with slaves who had just been given freedom and NOT immigrants.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Effective Use Of Military To Secure USA Borders

I strongly disagree with the statement that we have "tried everything" to secure our Southern border against the flood of drug dealers, terrorists, gang-members and paroled prisoners returning here after prior deportation, carriers of untreatable diseases (eg Drug resistant TB), job and identity thieves and such like Unamerican trash.

One and untried method is as offered here:
1. Restrict the Border Patrol to urban areas and a thousand yards on either side of authorized, rural crossing points;
2. Allow anyone to cross into Mexico, without question, at any authorized crossing point or station;
3. Use four rows of razor ribbon coils In addition to the fences yet to be build and those sort-of in place along the entire border except for roads leading to authorized crossing points;
4. Make the balance of our border, for the first 1000-yards into the USA, a military zone;
5.  Place posted notices, at the border,  in English, Spanish, Parsi, Arabic and local Native American languages that persons entering illegally there will be treated as invaders and will be shot, without warning if they are armed or resist arrest, and otherwise taken into custody for forced deportation or TRIAL BY MILITARY COMMISSION [In the fair, efficient and timely manner as that used to try those who conspired to murder  President Lincoln.)
6. The troops could be regulars (Some brought back from Europe whose countries appear unwilling to defend themselves), reservists, National Guard and members of the General Militia (Also ad hoc posses raised by Sheriffs, mayors, JPs and other local government officials)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Effective Control Of US Border

It is NOT sufficient to merely order units of the National Guard to the border. They must be given "general orders" as will allow them to protect the USA. I suggest the following.
1.               All persons entering the USA at other than approved places, manned by the Border Patrol, are invaders.
2. All such persons are to immediately be forced back across the border by use of such force as is required to do so.
3. Any such persons who are armed are to be immediately fired upon and that without warning.
4. If the Border Patrol or the Armed Forces of the USA (Or, civilians under their protection) are fired upon from across our border, the Border Patrol and the Armed Forces will react to such attacks by small arms fire, field guns or aviation delivered ordinance.
5. The National Guard, Army and, if necessary, the General Militia shall support the emplacement of not less than six coils of "razor ribbon" (aka "Barbed Tape") for the full length of the fence to be completed along the Southern Border of the USA.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s October 23rd and pro-open-borders editorial ("Just counterproductive") the editors forgot to note some illegal immigrants who also hope to avoid detection-and-deportation after arrest (Hopefully also by non-Federal authorities), TO WIT: Drug smugglers and dealers; "Gang-bangers"; Identity thieves; Potential terrorists; Bearers of untreatable diseases; And, persons who work without paying taxes and ship billions of such untaxed moneys out of the USA and our economy.

As a matter of journalistic honesty, that editorial really should have noted those "other" illegal immigrant

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Immigration & The Christ

The Cardinal-Archbishop of Los Angeles and many other Catholic “leaders” have made claims that Jesus the Christ would have supported open-borders and free immigrations into the USA.

That is a lie!

First, Jesus' kingdom was NOT of this world. How do I know? He said so himself! There is very little in the Gospels with direct application to government as opposed to the great number of verses addressed to the redemption of individuals and preaching His Word to the nations.

The most direct statement as to government was the classic “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's”. At the time of Jesus citizenship and residency in the Empire did, in fact, belong to Caesar and the Roman Senate. Through time that, in the USA, has passed to the Congress and the Legislature of the Several States (Yes, the States still have some residual power over citizenship, a power which may be increased when the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution is finally enforces.)

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