Thursday, February 27, 2014

On "Common Core"


First and foremost is the fact that, in the USA, standardization-and-centralization of any educational  function leads to: An overall lowering of standards to appease the worst performing parts of our student-AND-teacher populations [As endorsed by Mr. B. H. Obama and others (A & B)]; Probable "teaching to/for the tests AND the expected-and-demonstrated faking of test results (eg C); Probable suppression of those schools (eg D & E)  who are willing to take risks. leave standard methods AND achieve excellence; Such "standard", centralized and "politically correct" schools as MPS (F) failing to properly educate pupils/students, commonly at a cost higher than non-conforming schools; And, abuse of the "Common Core" non-system to meet the corrupt views of some teachers'/schools (eg G).

Educational programs can be formed and corrupted by:  Giving-or-withholding of Federal funds ; And, towards the policies of one Party (
I) OR some "Glorious Leader" (eg H).

What most specially seems to be lacking is a scientific pre-testing ("Reliable and valid" and with a "high level of confidence") of "Common Core" by some qualified scientists
who have "no ax to grind". [That lack reminds me far too much of the very recent failure of the effectively untested web-site for "Obamacare" and the ongoing unknowns as to its ability to truly deliver insurance-coverage on/after Jan. 1, 2014.]
B     Race Based Educational Standards?   


GAn Example Of "Common Core"
    < H

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