Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dealing With "Knock Down Game" & Other Thugs AND Other Tyrants

Baring immediate and generally non-existent police protection the best solution is in following one/more of the following protocols:
1. From the FBI---"Two to the chest and one to the head"; Or,
2. From the SEALS or SAS---A double-tap to the head; Or,
3. From the "Old Sarge"---- "Four inches with the point and twist the blade"
4. For Other Sources--Repeated use any pointed or heavy object (eg Umbrella, walking stick, teacher's pointer) to attack the temple, (For males) genitals, solar plexus, base-of-skull and eyes of any criminal until there is not even the least danger of any "great bodily harm or death" from any such thug(s).

A criminal's lack of breathing or other motions is certain proof of that level of security.

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