Sunday, December 08, 2013

My Confesson Of Racial "Prejudice"

Yes, I do hold some "prejudices" about Blacks!
       I am prejudiced in favor of such Blacks as: Professor Thomas Sowell (A 'high school dropout"); Secretary-of-State and Professor Condoleezza Rice (Whose parents were Black school teachers in the South when such persons were not well paid or regarded); Mathematician and business leader Herman Cain; Dr. Benjamin S. Carson; Lt. Col. and Congressman Alan West (A combat hero who destroyed his military career by protecting "his troops"); Mr. Justice Thomas (Who was born in a "Deep South" town without paved roads and without a sewage system to a "farm worker" father and a mother who was a "domestic"); The Great Christian Nelson Mandela; Such less known co-workers of mine as Ralph Jefferson, Jim Foote and Mr. & Mrs. Lionel James; And some personal friends (One of whom was my house guest for over a month). I even favor Mr. Juan Williams, even though he holds many positions very much opposed to mine and attempts to "defend the indefensible" ("Obamacare").
       The central characteristic of those most-excellent persons is that they (By self-disciplined efforts) contribute much, much, more to our nation (And their race) than they take out in very hard-earned rewards.
       I am prejudiced against: Those Blacks (eg Jessie Jackson, Cornel West, Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, Jeremiah Wright, Leonard Pitts) who poof up their incomes and over-developed senses of self-worth by stirring up what remains of racial distrust in the USA; Those Blacks (eg Eric Holder and B. H. Obama) who are very active in attacking the provisions of the Bill Of Rights and the basic structure (ie Separation Of Powers) of our Republic;  Those Blacks who support Islam (Either as members of the "Nation Of Islam" or more orthodox groups) which is aimed at the destruction of democracy and real civilizations and which support is Treason as defined in Article-III, Section-3 of the Constitution; Those parasites  who maintain the "rap" and "hip-hop" sub-culture, which glorifies abuse of women, murder and other horrors;  Such outright thugs and criminals as Cystral Mangum, Tawana Brawley,  Trayvon Martin, those who "play the knock out game"; And, others well known to you.
       The central characteristic of those horrid persons is that they take, by overt crimes or more indirect means, from other people and give so little (If anything), as includes the reputation of other Black

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