Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obama & Hiter

Some have claimed that President Obama is essentially, in his beliefs and actions, the same as Adolf Hitler.  At first, this seemed totally unreasonable. Therefore, I have addressed several of the comparative points.

1.                  Hitler was a National Socialist whose original power base was the poorest of Germany's workers and unemployed.  To progress-in-power, he compromised with the industrialists of his nation.  1'. B. H. Obama's original “base” was the poorer (Often Black) workers and unemployed of the USA. Some have claimed he has betrayed that base by compromises with the “inside the belt-line” professional politicians---Especially those who have been in the Congress for a very long time.
2.                  Hitler hated the Jews and did all he could to destroy them. 2'. Mr. Obama has done as much as allowed to limit aid and general support to the State of Israel (Even to “officially” denying the reality that Jerusalem is the historical and present capitol of that nation.
3.                  Hitler was supported by Muslims. He gave political shelter to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and having Muslims volunteer to man a SS unit---In large part due to their Islamic hatred of Jews in accordance with Mohammed's special instructions to kill them where ever they are.      3’. Obama has done all possible to “Uplift” “Islam” and “Muslims” by having them infiltrate the Department of State, DOD and other Federal agencies, all in   sensitive and policy-impacting positions. At the same time he has attacked others’ “free exercise of religion” and endangered  the State of Israel by such acts as sending the “Islamist” President and government of Egypt our most modern fighter air craft (Which I suspect the Israel Self-Defense Force would destroy in short order) and, much more importantly, the best tanks in the world, the M1 Abrams is a third-generation main battle tank.
4. The only “Christian” church with which Mr. Obama has had any long-term contact is that which has the  “God Damm The United States” pastor AND is, as far as I know, the only such pastor and church to be honored by “The Nation Of  Islam”.

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