Friday, December 28, 2012

"Gun", People & Medical Violence


On Dec, 8, 2012 you published a letter from Milwaukee's Commissioner of Health in which he addressed what he called "gun violence". I did not notice "gun violence" during Timothy McVeigh's bombing at Oklahoma City or during the two Islamic bombings of New York's "Twin Towers" or during the two ax attacks in Wisconsin in recent months or during the many thousands of fist-and-foot attacks (Chiefly on women or children; But  which recently resulted in the death of a man on a West Allis Street) or, I suspect, many auto "accidents".

Mr. Baker should declare that there is no "gun violence", but only "people violence". That was at the core of the Sandy Hood shootings and those other, non-gun, matters listed above.  Mr. Baker does not address the number of violent crimes halted by the use, chiefly the "mere" display of guns, by armed citizens.

If, and only if, Mr. Baker wishes to address one of the core causes of deaths and injuries in the USA, he should address surgical mayhem, gross errors in medical prescription of drugs, intoxicated practice of medicine and other like crimes---Many of which are covered up by hospitals, group practices and others.

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