Thursday, November 15, 2012

Federal Government Vs. The People War?

Please remember that "paranoia" is only an unreasonable fear of others! Please also remember that the Founding Fathers of our nation feared any too-great power of a tyrannical chief executive (Insisting on a three-branch government) and of a too-great power of a federal government (Insisting on the passage of  a "Bill Of Rights" before full acceptance of the Constitution---Especially as to Articles I, II, IX and X).

In recent months various Federal (Civilian) agencies have purchased huge supplies of large-caliber ammunition and, at least at the Department of Education, a supply of new, 12-gauge riot shot-guns.  Why? The supplies ordered seem far beyond the needs of such agencies to train and arm what should be a very limited number of persons for very limited armed duties. [I doubt that DOE agents would be patrolling schools, with riot guns, to only insure that pupils "color only within the lines".]

Now, who would be the target of the noted shift to a war footing of so many Federal Agencies (Who are not known for respect for civil liberties, especially under the current Administration)? Our foreign enemies are the proper focus of our Military who are trained for such warfare.  Who is left?

Some of my relatives have express a fear-or-premonition that Mr. Obama will not give up the presidency even if defeated at the polls.

In Louisiana's prisons a prisoner, under sentence of death, is moved about to cries of "Dead Man Walking!". Any persons who would attempt to so destroy the Republic would be "Dead Men Walking". I suspect that any such action against the People would bring into play some of the 100,000,000 large-bore guns held by private citizens (Chiefly those who honor and would protect the Constitution) to destroy such persons and All of their supporters---In Political Parties or government or academia or the media. There are also trees and lamp-posts and alternatives-to-guns available for such good work.

All should reflect on the following words of President Thomas Jefferson:"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms"; And, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in governme

Maybe I will go and buy a .308-rifle and 100-plus rounds of full jacketed ammo.

Social Security Admin. orders 174,000 rounds of ammo

Posted by David Hardy · 18 August 2012 06:56 AM
And its answer, that it must supply and train 295 special agents, raises questions of its own.

I think many agencies view having their own law enforcement, not to mention a SWAT team, as matter of prestige. A JP in New Mexico once issued a number of search warrants for food stamp fraud cases. Next morning he found the town overrun with Dept of Agriculture SWAT teams, taking down people that he knew would have turned themselves in if given a phone call. Overhead was a helicopter full of armed guys. But there was nowhere to land it ... too many telephone lines. He asked an agent and was told it would just hover there for a while and then fly back to the airport. It was only there because Congress had started asking why the agency had a helo and never u< span="">n>sed <>it.

UPDATE: I'd agree that there are thousands of federal buildings that need some entrance security, and that those folks ought to be adequately training. But in my experience, Federal buildings are not guarded by employees of the agency involved, if only because (apart from major HQ buildings) most federal buildings combine several agencies. They are guarded by Federal Protective Service, which is part of DHS. This might explain DHS's large purchases, but not that of other departments.

I can remember when Interior was protected by private agencies, with unarmed employees, and no metal detectors. When there was an alert they looked in your briefcase, and ladies' purses, but never under overcoats. I thought Interior did not want to face the grim fact that no terrorist would think it worth attacking. What are they going to knock out, the environmental law division of the Park Service, or the migratory bird hunting division of Fish and Wildlife, or screw up FOIA response by taking out the Division of General Law?

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