Monday, October 01, 2012

A Most Dangerous US General

The Associated Press  has reported  that USMC General John R. Allen as laid the blame for the increased "insider attacks" or "green on blue attacks" of Afghanistan's police/military personnel against that of the USA and its allies as based on the fasting of Ramadan during a period of very hot weather!

That general, by his "politically correct" but false, comments endangering the lives of our and our allies' troops AND, therefore, endangering our national security!. The real danger comes from those who (Like the traitor NIdal Hasan of Fort Hood infamy) cleave to the basic teachings of that criminal-terrorist movement known as Islam. That ideology requires its followers to wage war (Jihad which is NOT a striving for personal perfection!) against all "unbelievers" until they join Islam or accept the slave-like state of dhimmitude or are murdered.

General John R. Allen is dangerous to the USA and its troops and must be removed from any position of authority.

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