Saturday, September 08, 2012

Votes, Fraud & Revolution

Many years ago I enlisted in the US Navy. It was only later that I realized that a part of my contribution to the national defense included the defense of the sanctity of my vote. [During my active duty I was in one of the four most dangerous (Enlisted grade) positions. My duties including sitting, too close and too long, too near radiation-leaking A-Bombs.]

When I now read or hear the comments of citizens (?), politicians, law making judges, journalists and others who deny the existence of fraudulent voting and the democratically passed laws which would suppress such, I remember the violent birth of the USA, the fate of those loyal to the most undemocratic rule of The Crown and the fate of those loyal to such misrule. I then open my gun safe and think dark and revolutionary thoughts.


Anonymous said...

الله قريبا لتحويل روث الكلاب على الكتاب المقدس

James Pawlak said...

Still leaving pee tracks in your bloomers?