Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muslim Soldiers As Threats To The USA

On July 28, 2011 came the news that an AWOL Muslim soldier was arrested at the same gun shop (On warning to the police by an as usual law-abiding gun-store owner) where Major Nidal Hasan , of Ft. Hood infamy, bought his weapons before waging jihad-war against the USA and his fellow soldiers as an aggravated act of treason. This latest Muslim soldier-traitor was asking how to build a bomb.

It seems more-than-strange that politicians, publishers-and-editors, teachers, non-Muslim religious leaders and others cannot "connect the dots" and come to the only rational decision, which is that no adult-male Muslim can be trusted to not suddenly, alone or with others, go on military-jihad and wage war against the USA, which is treason (7).

We should demand that the persons noted above (Especially the MJS editors) admit to a realistic definition of Islam (As NOT a religion and AS a clear-and-present danger to the People of the USA and all civilized nations) and stop being "politically correct" !

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