Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Surprise! Another Terrorist Muslim In USA

I doubt that too many persons are surprised that the person apparently (Self-admitted) responsible for the Times Square car bomb is a Muslim. The exceptions are those politicians, editors, professors, religious leaders and others who have accepted the state of dhimitude, that grossly inferior position allowed "unbelievers" under Islam.

As Muslims believe that the orders-and-commands in the Koran are the actual words of Allah and cannot be changed, it would appear that there will always be an ongoing stream of individual or collective Muslims who will wage the Koran-demanded perpetual war on us.

As that accused person is an American citizen, should (Must?) be charged with TREASON. However, it appears that those in our current Administration, who bow down before Islam (And its core leaders), will in this case, as in that of Major Hasan (Of Fort Hood infamy) not do so.

It also appears that the last sane national decision made as to such pools of terror was made by Spain in 1492 when it expelled all members of that criminal-terrorist movement out of Iberia. The "politically correct" denial of the potential of every adult-male Muslim to be a terrorist is based on ignorance--Or a pathological denial of reality.


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