Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Who's Hosting The Tea Party?"

The most recent issue's of the Shepherd Express (So well known and beloved by us as the most radical weekly rag in this galaxy)had a front page asked the question: "Who's hosting the tea party?". It then provided its own list of people/organizations as hosts and funders. being those American industrialists and leaders who do real work in the real world AND provide like, non-bureaucratic, jobs for thousands.

My list is different and includes the following:
1. Patrick Henry;
2. The "Christian Militias" of Concord and Lexington who used deadly force to prevent tyrants from seizing their cannon (WMD) and gun-powder (Unauthorized explosives);
3. John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and the other signers of the Declaration Of Independence;
4. The Adams family and citizens of Boston and the North-East who dumped tea into the water, attacked the houses and persons of government officials and who applied tar and feathers to certain anti-democracy persons as well as seizing and burning a British revenue ship;
5. The soldiers of Valley Forge who endured and with fellow Americans (And some French and Polish troops in French service) earned our nation's independence by blood and other sacrifices;
6. The soldiers of the Union Army called to service to preserve the Union, but many of whom fought to destroy the enslavement of people by White, Black and Native American slave holders;
7. The largely volunteer troopers who liberated Cuba and the Philippines, both now independent nations and NOT subject to US authority and law;
8. Such good men as Harry S. Truman who destroyed the aggressive empires of Germany and Austria;
9. The "Best Generation's" troops and workers who defeated the truly "Evil Empire" of Japan (With its "rape of Nan-King", "comfort women". etc.) and the even more evil and genocidal Nazi empire;
10. Those who fought in Korea and (As I did) kept watch during the "Cold War" to keep such monsters as J. Stalin and Mao from ruling the world;
11. Those who are now fighting against those who follow in execute the worst teachings of Islam; AND,
12. That very large portion (Perhaps majority in the near future) of Americans who have no desire to live in a bureaucrat run "nanny state" and wish the most-excellent teachings and principles of our Founding Fathers to again rule this nation---With special attention to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution (Which should limit the Federal Government to specified tasks and limit the "commerce clause"), The First Amendment (Without government controls on free speech and as to the "free exercise of religion") and the Second Amendment which, as in the 1770s, enforces all the other rights.

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