Sunday, March 07, 2010

Upgrading Legal Standards In Wisconsin

On March 7Th the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a short column ("Defining the 'practice of law"") by Wisconsin's Lawyers' Union (Excuse me, Bar Association) Doug Kramer.This was much more of a defense of a monopoly than an expression of any real interest in providing the best legal services to our State's citizens.

If Mr. Kramer is rally interested in maintaining that quality he and his fellows should propose the following rules and insure their enactment:
1. Any attorney who steals from a client will have his/her law license permanently revoked;
2. Any attorney who uses his/her position to engage in a sexual relationship with a client shall suffer the same penalty;
3. Any suspension of a law license will be the last such action as a second disciplinary action, resulting in a finding of guilt, shall result in the same permanent revocation; And,
4. All disciplinary actions by the State Bar would become open records and forwarded to the like organization in all of the Several States and the territories of the USA.

Such a policy and Administrative Rule would end such "black humor" events as the Bar's decades-long fiasco of the Bar's and Supreme Courts' playing around with THAT attorney Eisenberg. Certainly Wisconsin has more than enough lawyers to afford the revocation loss of the bottom end of that profession.-

When the State Bar becomes serious about such maintenance of quality, it then should feel free to advocate for the measures Mr. Krammer proposed in the cited column. (Oh, by the way, I am more-than-pleased with my attorney.)

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