Thursday, December 03, 2009

B. H. Obama VS. The USA & The People

It too often appears that too many assume that Mr. B. H. Obama has some real interest in the welfare of the USA and its citizens and legal immigrants, If so, they are dreadfully wrong.

Mr. Obama's each and every act (As to economic policy, educational affairs, military strategy, bowing to foreign officials, moves towards "in-sourcing", acts against free-speech and press & "free exercise of religion", appointments, etc.) are directed at weakening our nation.

This is based on, at least, two factors:
1. Mr. Obama's self-worship of his very shallow self; And,
2. An overriding desire to make the People as dependent as possible on the Government, and that Government being ruled by the most left-wing persons available and corrupt officials known since the pre-1900 rule by monopolists.

Sometimes, I wonder if he is getting his "marching orders" from Riyadh.

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