Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Apples & Oranges; Murders & Executions

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's June 3, 2009 editorial ("Domestic Terrorism") is a classic example of "comparing apples and oranges". The extra-judicial and very extra-ordinary execution of a genocidal mass murderer ("Tiller The Baby Killer") cannot be compared with the case of yet another Muslim, infected with the "Jihad disease", who continues the 1400-year pattern of Islam's approved and all-too-successful acting out the teachings of Mohammed in attacking and killing "unbelievers" throughout the world.

The Tiller case is much more like the US Army's extra-judicial, World War-II, killings of SS-troops, especially after the Malmedy massacre by the SS of unarmed, American, POWs. (To give a full picture in that paper's current "WAR STORIES: THE GREATEST GENERATION REMEMBERS" series, its editors and reporters might wish to note that war crime and our troops' deadly response to it.)

By specially attacking two uniformed members of our military, Jihadist Abdulhakim Muhammed (aka Carlos Bledsoe) appears to be guilty of treason as he waged war against the USA (The Constitution's test for that crime) and should be subject to the death penalty.

As our current Administration favors the killing of unborn children and appears to favor Muslims, I suspect that no treason charge will issue and Tiller's executioner may be charged also in Federal Court.

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