Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why Muslims Hate Crusaders

Many (Most?) Muslims use the term “crusaders” as an expression of hate or disdain. Why? The first crusaders were those who attempted, and failed, to take back the Holy Land from those who followed the teachings of Mohammed (As based on robbery, murder, genocide, rape and gross intolerance).

I suspect it is not that failed effort so much as the other crusaders who were, in fact, successful in taking back and liberating Spain and Portugal, Sicily, Greece much of the Balkan lands AND halted Muslim aggression at the walls of Vienna and in the Polish-Lithuanian area that really irritates them.. It may be also that the “Crusade In Europe”, which defeated the Muslim supported Hitler and resulted in the establishment of the State of Israel, specially and more recently irritates the average Muslim.

Muslims hate crusaders in the same manner AND for the same reasons that other murderers, thieves, rapists and robbers all hate the forces of law, order and civilization as embodied in our police, courts, prisons and execution chambers.

In fact, what is needed now is a new Crusade to resist Muslim aggression and to take back our civilization from the equally dangerous and aggressive atheist, secular humanists who both are attempting to destroy us. If reason does not work against both of those groups, then we must, very reluctantly, use the sword.

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