Sunday, May 31, 2020

Blacks & Crune

1. Black thugs select-out, ON THE BASIS OF RACE, White victims at a rate many, many, times the reverse.
2. The vast majority of blacks who are murdered are slaughtered by other Blacks.
3. Blacks inflict crimes at a, population-based, rate many times that of Whites and almost infinitely more than those "PEOPLE OF COLOR" whose ancestry is in China, Korea, Japan and India.

Friday, May 29, 2020

The Most Dangerous Racism, Police & Related Subjects

1. The most dangerous racism in today's USA is inflicted by those Black thugs who, on the basis of race, select-out Whites as targeted-victims. (I HAVE, IN RECENT DAYS, NOT HEARD OR READ COMMENTS BY OUR "LEADERS" FOCUSING ON THOSE VICTIMS!)
2. Those Blacks who are murdered are, with very few exceptions, slaughtered by other Blacks.
3. White police officers are less likely to shoot Blacks than are Black officers.
4. The recent, constitutional and very peaceful demonstrations by armed citizens (In Virginia and Michigan) were totally opposite to the mob violence in Minnesota and other places after the horrid killing of Mr. George  Floyd.
5. I noted that the, almost all Black, protesters and rioting thugs in Minneapolis were not wearing masks and, thereby, clearly demonstrating the ongoing pattern of Blacks endangering other Blacks.
6. In the case of riots the police (Or National Guard) have an absolute duty to immediately shoot-down, without warning, rioters who are armed OR are in the process of committing arson or physical attacks on others. Such critters present "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm to others". (ie In the case of charging mobs, volley fire is recommended!)
7. If the civil/military forces/authorities will not take such immediate and effective actions, it is then the right AND duty of the "General Militia" (ie All citizens, over 18 years-of-age, capable of bearing arms) to do so!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Thymus Gland, Children, & Pandemics

It is a scientific fact that children are far less at risk for infection by the COV|ID-19 virus than those past puberty.

It is a scientific fact that such resistance (Immunity?) to diseases is a product of the THYMUS GLAND which begins to atrophy at that "interesting" age.

Although not a medical doctor or a scientist in some, related, area of knowledge I must wonder if the synthetic equivalent of the products of children's thymus glands might offer a sound and safe treatment-of or, even, immunity-to the cited virus (Or, others which have or can become pandemics.

Mobs & Their Suppression

Mobs are, as such, a probable “clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm” to others.

When such mobs are armed or commit such dangerous crimes as “Arson” (eg Both evident at Berkeley in recent days) they clearly demonstrate and multiply that “clear and present danger”---And justify the police or any good citizen to use any level of force (Including deadly force) to suppress that danger.

In fact, the failure of police (Or, if called up by Governors who understand their duties, the National Guard), to fire upon such extremely dangerous mobs as both individuals (ie By snipers under the direct control of a command officer) and by volley-fire in the case of any group attack is a gross neglect of duty.

It might be well for those who are members of such mobs or instigate-and-support such Fascist thugs to remember that the vast majority of privately held, military/police grade, firearms in the USA are in the possession of those citizens who are capable-and-willing to protect themselves, family, friends and “the common good” by using them to put down dangerous mobs in those failed jurisdictions where the police will not do so!

Such actions are matters of self-defense as extends to defense of others and community.

[The above possibility of citizen actions may well be the reason that the mis-leaders of the Democratic (sic) Party have taken the lead in attempts to deprive our fellow citizens of modern-and-effective firearms.]

[For general information, the hard touch of a triangular file to the lands of a gun's barrel and the lighter touch of a flat file to the firing-pin and extractor of such will negate the usual forensic information.]

Monday, May 25, 2020

Stress Test For Presidential Candidates

Some engineering/scientific companies/organizations will subject products/inventions to great stresses to determine if they will survive AND properly function under such conditions.

All of our modern Presidents live-and-function under perpetual levels of great stress. Other than the test of being POTUS candidates for that position can be
"stress tested" by public, open and unrestricted-subject debates.

The voters of our Republic have an absolute right to observe probable candidates Biden and Trump tested in that manner! And person(s) or organizations (eg Political Parties, Broadcast Networks) who block or attempt to block such debates are Fascists attacking Democracy.

I have not read or heard of any plans for a or (Hopefully) more debate(s) between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden. Both of those candidates must, in the very near future, make arrangements for one/more such (Unrestricted as to subject materials) debates OR be declared an enemy of our nation's elections being 
based on an informed electorate! 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Non-Virus Deaths From DOVID-19

There are only a very few persons who have noted the other deaths which will result from the "Chinese Virus" [ie COVID-19 for those fools or traitors still supporting the tyrants who now rule the "Peoples Republic (sic) Of China" AND are waging an asymmetrical WAR against the USA].

Those include, but are not limited to, such as:
1. Who will die of cancer and other diseases due to the stopping of medical tests and procedures (ie Some, strangely, still listed as "elective") in our Republic's 
excellent hospitals and clinics; And,
2. Those whose lives will be shortened (eg By suicide or aggravated heath conditions) by the despair caused by unemployment or loss of businesses.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Finding Facts & Justice RE" On-Campus Sexual Assaults

I am a veteran (Survivor?) of a 34-year career in Criminal Corrections. As such I have observed the investigations of many crimes (ie Including sexual assaults) AND both judicial-trials and administrative-hearings which determined guilt/innocence or, in the alternative, responsibility.

The best investigators were those police officers who were specially trained to perform such investigations (ie With "due regard" to the emotions of the persons claiming such assaults). A part of that excellence was based on those officers being neutral investigators-of-fact and NOT subjected to those biased by ideologies.

The best determiners of guilt OR innocence were such, judicial or administrative, hearings as were, likewise, conducted by neutral judges OR  (As I was) neutral hearing-examiners. In all such actions, the necessary acid, test was subjecting ALL witnesses to "Cross Examination".

Without such cross-examination any hearings degenerate to the tyrannical level of "Accusation Equals Guilt" as was the rule under Hitler and Stalin AND is the standard in such places as North Korea  and too many universities.


Sexual assaults on such campuses, would best be dealt with in the same manner for such claimed crimes off-campus. This would move towards "EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW".

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Some Questions For Dr. Fauci

Some Questions For Dr. Fauci

  • It appears that "The Media" will not ask Dr. Fauci the below-provided questions nor are they presented by agents of President Trump's Administration or, for the most part,by Members of The Congress and them of either Party.

    1. How many Americans will die or be mutilated by the present hold on many (Most?) medical tests, procedures and tests (eg Regarding cancer)?
    2. How many Americans, losing employment or businesses which will not "recover", will suffer from: A lack of medical services due to lack of 
    insurance-coverage as would, otherwise, provide such services; Or, whose health will be weakened or destroyed by the, already, in-effect 
    depression from such economic loss; Or, will suicide-out or injure or destroy family members as a product of the same stresses?
    3. How many Americans will be murdered or raped or otherwise destroyed or injured by those criminals being released from prisons and jails
    on a claim that the cited actions will, without any scientific proofs, somehow reduce the risk of COVID-19 to law-abiding Americans?

    I now call upon President Trump. others in his Administration, Members of the Congress and any remaining (Rational, patriotic and honest) agents of "The Media" to, VERY PUBLICLY, ask Dr. Fauci those questions---And make his, forced answers, well known to
    all of us.